Monday, 1 February 2010

Unwanted hair?

Ever had your eyebrows waxed and you've walked out the salon looking like you've got a bad case of sunburn underneath them? Or even had a reaction to the wax?

Over plucked your eyebrows? Messed up the shape of them?

Or had any other kind of eyebrow treatment gone wrong?

Then i recommend threading!

It’s a non-chemical hair removal treatment, It is performed by using a length of twisted cotton to catch and pull out the hairs.

I've had my eyebrows waxed and i've plucked them, but threading is by far the best treatment and favourite for my eyebrows!

I’ve only experienced a tiny bit of pain when getting this treatment.
Eyes can tend to water a little.

I hardly get any redness at all! it's not the most sexiest look is it now? ha.
After, i notice my skin in my brow area feels really smooth and soft and brows look beautifully shaped.

It’s super quick! It takes about 5/10 minutes, perfect to squeeze into your lunch break.

The prices vary depending on where you go, it costs me £6? £11 including brow tint at my local salon.

Most local salons do this treatment, but most Debenhams/Selfridges do it at there Benito Brow Bar (£10 at Benito Brow).

Mine last about 3-4 weeks, but this can vary for each person. I get them threaded and tinted once a month.

The other threading treatments you can have are;
*Upper Lip
*Sides of the face
*Full face

Now go and book yourself in for one! :)
Let me know what you think!


Lucy said...

I LOVE threading - it gives a brilliant defined, neat shape (more so than tweezing) without the dangers of waxing (burns, getting half a brow off by mistake, taking off skin etc). And I actually don't think it hurts at all!

plainolebob said...

ouch, sorry walked into the wrong bar here, man, it doesn't hurt, sorry santy couldn't resist, saw you in the coffee shop.
big hugs

LunancyGirl said...

I've done this a couple times, once it turned out awesome, the second time not so much. Maybe it depends on who does it.

Smiley Shazza said...

I just found the best eyebrow threader where I live. Before I had gone to a couple of hairdressers that offered it as part of their beauty treatments and although I liked the way it got every little bit of hair I wasn’t keen on the shape they did. Then I found this new lady and she is fantastic! She really listened to me when I said I wanted a complete reshape and gave me the best shaped eyebrows I think I’ve ever had. Best of all it was just £3.

I’m a total covert and won’t go back to waxing again. I’m trying to keep up with the little re-growth using tweezers but I’ll definitely be going back in a couple of weeks to have them threaded again.

xSantyx said...

That's great Shazza.
What a bargain too!

Anonymous said...

clicking your name at the forum took me right here :D

HyunChard said...

Clearing away dangerous undesired hair has developed into a inclination in me.I really need permanent hair removal badly. Tsk.

marlon said...

Probably the best hair removal method is using a hair removal cream. After use hair is removed for a number of weeks. Best of all it's fast and effective, meaning less time in the bathroom.