Friday, 19 February 2010

Flutter those lashes!

So this is another product I’m really in love with!

It’s Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara.

I’ve got it in Waterproof Black, but I hear the non-waterproof one is a lot better.

It comes in shades Black, Brown Black and Waterproof (black).

I usually comb and curl (you can use either normal or heated curlers) my lashes before applying the mascara, I apply starting from the root and work upwards to the end of the lash.
You can control the look you want to create, need no more than 3 coats.
You can create either natural looking lashes or more dramatic or something in between the two.
If you want natural looking lashes you only need one coat, if you want more dramatic you can apply either 2 or 3 coats depending on how dramatic you want them to be.
I recommend applying your 2nd/3rd coat once you first application is dry.

The brush is quite thick, apparently it’s Max Factor’s biggest wand yet, some people have said they have trouble applying it because of the brush being big, that the product accidentally ends up on their eyelid. So I would suggest putting your mascara on first, before applying eye shadow/eyeliner, because if you do get mascara on your lid then you can use a cotton bud to wipe away the product and at the same time you won’t ruin your make up. =]

It doesn’t clump, I think this is due to the teeth of the brush.
It lasts for hours and hours! I never need to re apply this mascara.

And finally to answer that question your all wanting to know…
Does it really give big lashes?

Yes it does!
This product is amazing, the best mascara I’ve used so far!

I got it from Boot’s, I paid £10.99 for a 13.1ml Tube.


Max Factor

Let me know if you love this too!

Happy Fluttering!


Anonymous said...

it comes in black an brown-black. Do they make this in a blond or red also?
I know you said maxfactor, but I mean a different brand. I just think for the real real looking or natural look a red haired girl with black lashes doesnt truely look natural

xSantyx said...

Blonde/Red haired girls can use clear mascara, alot of brands do clear mascaras, i'm not sure which ones can achieve the same volumizing effect like the max factor false lash effect, i'll have to do some research on that as i don't use clear mascara.

Blondes can also use a light brown mascara for the natural look, again alot of brands do this shade of mascara. :)