Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I won a voucher..

A £20 one to spend at ASOS a few weeks back, i never win anything, all i had to do was write 'ASOS PICK ME' on a status on the ASOS Facebook Fan Page, then they selected the first 100 people who wrote it, which means we all won a £20 voucher! Yay!

I wanted to show you all what i bought with it.
I really love pastel colours at the moment (especially- orange/peachy ones) and i saw these

Vero Moda Button Top Denim Jean Leggings- Pink.

And heres me wearing them!

I love them!

And i would like another pair of them but in this colour...

ASOS Facebook Page

Bought any clothes lately?
If so, show me!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

How cute!!

I love love accessories, one of my favourite things ever!
So i just HAD to share this with you all!

Me and a friend had some lunch last week, she bought me this cupcake!

At first i thought it was cute icing decor!

Then i took it off and realised it was a ring!
I love it!

(Excuse the chipped Nail Polish! It's Rimmel Lasting Finish 050 Tangerine Queen)

Little treasures can be found where you least expect them!

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor..

As you all know Lady Gaga has a new music video for her song 'Telephone' featuring Beyonce. The video is fabulous! and it's so inspiring, all the outfits and make up looks. Love it!
Anyway i was spoilt for choice as to which make up look to do and after a lil think i decided!

I went for this one....

And here's mine..

Hope you all like it!

I shall leave you to watch and enjoy the video.

Click here to watch Lady Gaga's Telephone

Much love!

Monday, 8 March 2010

We're all mad here..

So.. i went to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday night, my first ever experience at the imax too!

And i LOVED it!!

Seriously i was so amazed and inspired by the whole film, the make up, the characters, the clothes, EVERYTHING!

I really want to live in Wonderland and marry Mad Hatter! haha.

Here's my Queen of Heart's make up look i did a few weeks back..
"Off with their head!!!"

So who's seen it then?

What did you think?

and more importantly who is your favourite character? and why?


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dust

I’m a HUGE fan of these lil pots of sparkling heaven!

Dazzle dust is a loose colourful highly pigmented powder, which are sparkley/shimmery, which can be applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips.

They come in so many beautiful colours, I think they have about 60 or more to choose from?!

Don’t be put off by the size of the pots, as these will last you for ages!
A little really does go a long way with these.

You can create so many looks with dazzle dust, you can control them to either give you a sutle or bold look or even just a slight shimmer.

The application of them is so easy, they glide on so well and are so simple to work with.

And the product stays on for hours and hours!

I bought shade dd44 Bronze, which you can see here (in the inner corner of my eyes)…

and I also bought shade dd3 Pink/Gold.

I want to build up a big collection of these, as I really love them.

I bought these from Superdrug and they cost £4.50 a pot.

Now I suggest you go purchase some Barry M Dazzle Dust to brighten up your make up bag! =]


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Want a natural Glow?

Then you need to get your hands on No7's Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser, it's a product i've been loving for a while now.

I usually use this in the daytime or whenever i don't want to wear too much make up, it's perfect if you want to give your skin a break from using foundation. I just apply it with my fingers (make sure there clean!), i tend to wear it with concealer to hide any blemishes and dark circles. I also sometimes use it just as a regular moisturiser before applying make up.

It comes in two shades, fair and medium, i use medium, it brings a lovely natural colour to your skin and helps even out skintone. The texture is great, it's neither too thick or too runny. It's not sticky either and so easy to blend.
Like some mositurisers i find they can make my face feel oily, i've not had this problem with this product and it doesn't cause any breakouts ! =]

It's suitable for all skin types, it's hypo-allergenic, it has multi anti oxidant and SPF15 in it.

It's available to buy from Boot's, it costs £10.50 for a 50ml bottle, but it only cost me £5.50! because...
At the time i used my No7 £5 off voucher (keep your eyes pealed for these vouchers, whenever you spend £5 or more in Boot's they give you a voucher with your receipt, the voucher offers change all the time, but when they have the no7 vouchers i suggest getting as many as possible or using your friends/family members if they have no inerest in using them, then go treat yourself on lot's of No7 products!)

Go get it if you already haven't!