Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New shoes!

I was unsure of these style of shoes when they first came out, but they have grown on me over time, then i found these bad boys and i fell in love! :)

They are so comfy too! The wedge may make you think differently but it seriously feels like my feet are fitted into cushions. :)

I think they bring a funky look!

Great with skinny jeans, leggings, long vest tops, shorts and skirts. Anything really!

I got them from New Look and they were £35.

What you think?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'm on the Mixmag Fashion Website!

Hope your all having a great day!

Okay so, i attended a club event known as Circus, which was @ The Masque in Liverpool, on the 29/1/11.

I was approached by a lovely lady who said "Hiya, i'm from Mixmag! We like your look, can we take your photo and take some details"

I was like "YEAH sure!" :D

It made my day! Especially because i had one of those nights were i felt a bit crappy due to not having a new outfit to play out in! So i had a play around with some old clothes in my wardrobe and look what happens! Haha. So ladies & gents if your feeling like your having a 'not so sexy night' just remember you never know who's looking or gonna approach you! :)

I'm in the Top 3 (on the right)

Click HERE to see the link!


Eat, Pray, Love

Hello Beautifuls!

Did we all have a nice Valentines Day? What did you get up to?

I spent it in bed watching Eat, Pray, Love. With a box of Maltesers and a cup of tea. :)

This film is so inspiring! It's making me want to travel even more (Want to go to Italy so bad!) and to learn more about myself. Ah! Self discovery!

Not to mention these two gorgeous men starring in the film...

Luca Argentero


James Franco

What's inspiring you lately?

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Not done one of these in a while.

Nails of the day.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in shade Wham (27) (2 coats)
Gosh Nail Lacquer in shade Silver Star (563)

Do you like?
What's on your nails today?

Beauty & The Beast

Nope i'm not talking about the Disney classic. Sorry!

I'm talking about Channel 4's recent series known as 'Beauty & The Beast: Ugly face of prejudice' If you haven't been watching this then i highly recommend you go onto the Channel 4oD player to catch up on it.

This series investigates the extremes of discrimination. Each episode brings together two people often defined by the way they look: one has a facial disfigurement, the other an intense preoccupation with their appearance.

It will make you think differently about appearance, beauty, self confidence and a whole lot more.

Basically both persons get an insight of each others lives and how they deal with their appearance and self confidence, to learn about different views, ways of thinking and how to accept yourself.

When i was watching this i sympathised for both; the person with the facial disfigurement and the one who's preoccupied with their appearance.

And here's why...

The person with the Facial Disfigurement:
It makes you think how awful it must be to get stares and nasty comments every day of your life. Knowing your going to look that way until your gone and you can have as many operations as you like but it won't change much. These people have amazing personalities and are no different to you and i. It's really inspiring to see how they've accepted themselves and have built their confidence back up. It also makes you appreciate what you've got a million times more!

The person who's occupied with their appearance:
Well I'm someone who's apart of the beauty world, i write this blog, I'm a qualified Make Up Artist, i have an obsession for cosmetics and i also have a lot of insecurities about my image.
Yes, we all have our insecurities, some a lot more than others when it comes to image.
I don't like:
*That i suffer with bad skin, i have acne, scarring, blackheads, large pores and an unhealthy complexion.
*My big nose.
*Having small breasts.
*Not being happy with my figure.
I've had weight problems, i got bullied when i was young and in the past I've had myself in some really bad depressed states over my image.

And that's me being really honest with you there, a lot of you maybe wouldn't have guessed that i felt that way, but from time to time i do get down about my image.
But overtime i'm learning how to love and accept myself.
Basically i'm saying your not alone if your insecure about your image, you probably have a lot of people in your life that you think look perfect, but they probably have more insecurities than you do!

My point is, i'm not going to stop using cosmetics or anything like that and i'm not saying you should either. Things like cosmetics help us build our confidence and when were feeling confident we feel great in ourselves and one day, maybe soon we'll be more confident to not have to resort to as many products/things we do/use to make us feel that way. And on a day when you do feel really low about yourself or you look in the mirror and just think "Eugh" remind yourself that their people out there in the world who have facial disfigurements who have accepted themselves, have confidence and are beautiful people! When you remind yourself this, appreciate what you've got and tell yourself your beautiful! Because you are and we all are.
Real beauty truly does come from the inside. :)

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."

I hope it inspires you too.
Much love

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Nude Lips & Naked Eyes

Hello Lovelys

Bit of a multiple post.

I wanted to share with you all how to create nude lips for cheap!

Show you one of many looks i have created with my Urban Decay Naked Palette

and how much (one of my faces) costs.

Here we go!

Nude Lips:
*I applied vaseline to the lips, then slightly let it soak in.
*I added a slight amount of Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer in shade light all over.
*I then used Collection 2000 lip liner in shade 8 Natural to line the lips, (don't draw outside your lip line) and i slightly blended into the lip.
*Then i applied Revlon Matte Lipstick in shade Nude Attitude

And there you have it! Affordable nude lips. MWAH!

Naked Palette eyes (one of many looks)

I used:
*Urban Decay Primer Potion all over lids.
*Half Baked all over lid.
*Smog in the middle of the lid.
*Darkhorse outer corners and blended in.
*Virgin in the inner corner of the eyes.
*I also used Half Baked and Darkhorse on my lower lash line.
*I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in shade Zero on my upper and lower lash line.

How much my face costs?

I use different products all the time!
So i'm going by the products i used on my face in this photo.

Now let's see..

*Revlon Photoready Foundation in shade 007 Cool Beige £9.99
*L'oreal True Match Powder in shade W3 Golden Beige £8.19
*L'oreal Glam Bronze in shade 102 Brunette Harmony £9.99

*Urban Decay Naked Palette £32
*L'oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black £11.29
*For the eyebrows i mixed the shades Espresso & Black eyeshadows from the Mehron eye powder eye palette. I think these palettes work out around £24.86

*Vaseline £1.22
*Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade light £3.91
*Collection 2000 Lip Liner in shade Natural £1.95
*Revlon Matte Lipstick in shade Nude Attitude £7.49

So in total that is...

Watcha think?
Hope you all like :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Look what I've got!

Yes, it's the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Finally i have this beauty in my life!! I am so so happy! It truly is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette you could ever have!

Thanks to my lovely friend Charlotte who works on the Urban Decay counter in Liverpool. :)

For all of those who don't have one of these we all know how much of a struggle it is to get our hands on one!

But i have heard a rumour that they will be producing more of these to go on sale sometime this year? I don't know if it's true but hey it gives us hope?!

I don't really need to review this, as there is thousands all over the internet! And i don't think anyone has a bad thing to say about this?

However, keep an eye out for some pictures of looks i will create with this palette. I can't wait to experiment with this! It's that pretty i don't even wanna use it! haha.

Do you have one?
Do you love it?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Products

Montagne Jeunesse is a very well known company that focus on using natural ingredients in their products. You've probably used a face mask sachet by them before? or at least seen their products in stores.

They sell face masks, body masks, hair masks, eye & pore strips, lip balms and they also sell anti ageing products.

The lovely people at Montagne Jeunesse kindly sent me some products from their New Indulgent Spa range this included 4 tubed face masks (Yes tubed! Easier packaging! and a lot more product to use- up to 10 applications to be exact. They only cost £4.99) i received: Tropical peel off, Damask Rose, Dark Chocolate and Sensuous Spice.

I've always been a big fan of their face masks, each one they sent me are fantastic! My personal favourites out of the 4 have to be Damask Rose and Tropical Peel off.

All the masks leave your face feeling so refreshed and soft.
I recommend using face masks once a week.

I've also received a Valentines Pamper Pack! How adorable!

In this i got:
*Damask Rose Tubed Face Mask
*Passion Peel off
*Chocolate Masque
*Cracked Lips Moisturising Beeswax & Olive oil Lip Balm
and a pack of Love Hearts :)

I really recommend their products!
They are available of the Montagne Jeunesse website and retailers such as Boots & Superdrug plus many more.

Are you a fan?