Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My day in pictures.

Outfit of the day.
*Grey Snood- Primark.
*Grey hooded Festival Coat- Primark
*Cream 60's style dress- River Island
*Grey over the knee socks- Primark
*Fur boots- New Look
(I was also wearing denim short shorts underneath my dress too)

Me & my friend had lunch at Costa Coffee.
We both had a Medium Hot Chocolate with Marshmellows.
I had a Roast Chicken & Pesto Panini and she had a Meatball Panini.
We also got a big slice of Lemon Cake (to share)

Fail at cutting the lemon cake in half ha.

Saw this in the Disney shop, it's so glittery and magical in there! ha.
I HEART Slinky :)

Hope you had a nice Tuesday too! :)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

10 things i like at the moment


I've bought a lot from here lately! (Too much to mention)

I got this cardigan and the leggings (I'm also loving animal print too!)

Gold Nails

Bit different, i likey!
I've been using Barry M's Nail Polish in shade Gold- £2.95! Bargain. :)


They've been on trend this year, i've always had a soft spot for Feathered accessories!

Here is my collection...

Casualty Make up

Fun times! :)

L'oreal True Match Foundation

My most used foundation at the moment is this, great coverage!
Can give either a nice dewy look or matte finish(use powder to achieve this)
It has a lovely texture, quite a thin consistency so easy to work with and blend.
I use shade W3 Golden Beige and it only costs around £10?
They have an excellent range of shades and it comes in a nice pump bottle also.

Strawberry Beer

Tastes near enough the same as Brother's Strawberry Cider (which i love, especially on a nice summers day)
Except it's beer!

It's known as Fruli, a few friends recommended that i try it and i finally did the other week.


Perfect for Autumn/Winter snuggleyness!

I got myself a pair of these adorable fur boots from New Look which i still haven't worn properly yet! Shock horror! But now that it's getting a lot colder parting these from my feet will be very hard!
Still unsure of what i'm going to be wearing them with though.

Also, should i buy a fur coat? I'm undecided.


Well this is an era i always love and always will.

The make up

The hair dos

The clothing inspiration

The music. <3

These shoes

Been after shoes like this for a long time, finally got these off Ebay for £13!!! :)


Ohhh i LOVE cake!

Here are my very own homemade (made from scratch) cupcakes, which i made for my boyfriend's birthday!

What 10 things are you liking at the moment?
Hope you've liked this post!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Signature Scents

I love perfume.

I'm the kind of girl who can never have too much of it.

I always enjoy receiving perfumes as a gift, i like to try new scents.

But my all time favorite perfume, which i feel is my signature scent has to be:

DKNY Women

This is the description

"The fragrance is an urban floral. A vibrant burst of blood orange drenched in refreshing chilled vodka, infused with vine ripe tomato leaf which gives the effect of cut grass in central park. Inspired by the spirit and energy of New York."

It smells so fresh and beautiful! <3

Another favorite of mine is:

Burberry Brit Women

This is the description

"A more concentrated version of the Brit scent that is timeless, sweet and unashamedly feminine.
An intriguing fragrance that steers the tradition of Burberry into a more contemporary setting. Surprising yet familiar, spirited yet serene.

Top: Lime, Iced Pear, Green Almond

Heart: White Peony, Dragée

Base: Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean"

It has a nice warm vanilla smell, yummy!
I've ran out of this though. :(

What is your signature scent?
Do you have any perfumes you would recommend for me?