Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thoughts of the day..

*Today (Sunday) has been one of those weird days, indecisive-ness, plans forming then dropped every few minutes, mind changing, the clocks going forward and yeah just a weird day really!

*I'm loving hair accessories at the moment! I want more.

*I really love feathers, lots! You can never have too many feathered things!

*I've given my Mac Prep & Prime, primer another chance today and i think i'm converted and want to try more primers as i can see an improvement in my make up. I tried this a while back and wasn't sure how i felt about it, now i think i'm in love.

*I was getting just a little bit bored of my SATC box set, yes i know, i thought i would never say that, but i went back to Season 1 and i'm not bored of it anymore.

*My eyebrows are seriously in need of a good threading! You can only go so long making them look good with eyeshadow, they are starting to look like giant caterpillars.

*I wish my lashes were naturally like how are they are in the picture, thank god for Eylure False Eyelashes! One of my favourite products ever!~

*Saturdays are NOT the day to have seriously bad hangovers, a day wasted, suffering.~

*It's officially Spring! I can't wait to stock up on new pretty outfits!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!