Friday, 13 August 2010

Uh Oh! :(

I just wanted to give a huge apology to you all for the lack of blog posts by me!
I've not had much chance to sit down and do any!

Also i've been on holiday! Which was lots of fun!
I went to Ibiza for a week. :)
Here's a few photo's for you all.

Mother & Me.

Me & Friends & alot of Sangria haha.

A club named after me. :)

We saw P.Diddy in DC10!

Me & Friend on Bora Bora beach. :)

I hope you like!
Have you been/going on Holiday this year? Tell me all about it!

Anyway, i shall be getting back into the game next week!

Much love!


Anonymous said...

welcome back, im glad to see youre having fun in bora bora. my life is a vacation and lately ive just been picking up hookers and getting treatened by the local police. oh and i havent bought any pretty drresses yet :D