Tuesday, 27 April 2010


As you all know it's a very popular brand that has been going for years and years!

I love alot of their products and i just wanted to share with you the ones i use loads!

Dove Roll On- Original

I've been using this everyday for a very long time now.
It's not sticky like some roll ons, it's creamy and smooth, it also soaks into your skin quickly. This roll on is perfect, especially when using it after you've shaved your underarms, it also doesn't cause any irritation like some roll on's/deodrants can cause. It smells nice and stays on!

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion- Medium to Dark skin

This is an amazing gradual tanner! I wasn't expecting it to be so good!
Heard alot of good reviews about it, so i decided to purchase a month or so ago, it's so cheap, smells nice, moisturises skin and gradually builds up an amazing tan! I noticed a dark tan within 2/3 days of using it (applying once a day).
It's also available for Fair to Medium skintones.

Dove Silk Glow- Body wash

This is so nice!
It really is a silky body wash and not greasey!
Your skin will feel amazing while and after using it!
Smells really nice, lathers up greatly, nice and foamy.

Go Fresh Burst Body Wash- Nectarine & Tropical White Ginger

This is so refreshing!
I LOVE the smell of it, nice fruity freshness!
Defo a summer must have!

Intense Care Therapy Shampoo for dry & damaged hair. And conditoner.

My hair tends to get quite dry all the time due to all the heat damage/weather/central heating and i get nasty split ends.
This really softens hair and brings the moisture back into it.
It's one of the shampoo & conditioners that i will always have in my bathroom.

You can buy these products from nearly every supermarket and drugstore.
Each product that i have mentioned will cost you under £5, bargains and really amazing products! I seriously recommend!

Cick here to go to the Dove website!

So.. are you a Dove lover like me too?
Is there any Dove products you would recommend?
Tell me!


Pink Flower said...

Never been a fan of Dove, it dries out my skin weirdly.

xSantyx said...

I've never had this problem.
Shame :(

A little useless fact for you though, my mum is allergic to Dove Soap. x