Thursday, 22 April 2010

Birthday Blog! :)

I turned another year older last weekend and i just wanted to share some of my birthday weekend with you!

Check out my cute birthday cake my mum got made for me!

I LOVE Penguins, they're my fave animal ever!

This is what i wore for my birthday night out..

After a very stressful Ebay crisis (not winning a gorgeous dress from River Island) i had to rush round last minute to build an outfit and that's what i came up with!

Here's my suprise birthday cake i got off my friend's family!

How cute of them! :)

This is a random photo of me from my birthday night out after one too many drinks..

I recieved alot of compliments about the lipstick i was wearing, it's Barry M's Lip Paint in shade 52 which is called Shocking Pink, i love it! Infact i'm a big fan of the Barry M lipsticks.

After having a lovely meal the next day, we decided to have to have a lil walk around the docks and i thought this was so funny and cute!

Is this the tiniest bollard you have ever seen?! ha.



Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

I think your outfit was really pretty and summery! Your hair looks gorgeous too!
Happy belated birthday :)

xSantyx said...

Awh thankyou! <3 x