Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Belated Birthday post

Hiya everyone!
Again apologies for lack of posting, even though last time i posted i said i'd be blogging more often, but then i got a new job and I've been even more busier!

So hopefully i shall be sticking to my promise from now on, gosh i don't even know where i should start i have so much to catch up on and talk about! (so keep your peepers peeled!) :)

Anyway, my birthday was in mid April and i shall share with you all!
My previous post tells you about my shopping spree i had and meal at Las Iguanas which was part of my birthday plans!

The day before my birthday, i went for a joint birthday meal at Matou with one of my best friends, the food was gorgeous!

I had spring rolls for a starter

and mushrooms in black pepper sauce with boiled rice as a main

Oh and not forgetting the glass of Rose' to go with.

Birthday breakfast

On the actual day i had a BBQ

Check out these yummy homemade chicken skewers!



Birthday outfit

Then me and my friends went to a few bars in town, then my friend hosted a penthouse party for me! Where the Sessions Faction lads deejayed!

Drinking like a king!
In my Lil Jon style pimp cup haha

I had a fantastic birthday!

And i promise i shall be blogging more! Pinky promise! :)



Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Love the peachy flower in your hair, where's it from?

xSantyx said...

I got it from New Look lovely! :) x