Thursday, 10 February 2011

Beauty & The Beast

Nope i'm not talking about the Disney classic. Sorry!

I'm talking about Channel 4's recent series known as 'Beauty & The Beast: Ugly face of prejudice' If you haven't been watching this then i highly recommend you go onto the Channel 4oD player to catch up on it.

This series investigates the extremes of discrimination. Each episode brings together two people often defined by the way they look: one has a facial disfigurement, the other an intense preoccupation with their appearance.

It will make you think differently about appearance, beauty, self confidence and a whole lot more.

Basically both persons get an insight of each others lives and how they deal with their appearance and self confidence, to learn about different views, ways of thinking and how to accept yourself.

When i was watching this i sympathised for both; the person with the facial disfigurement and the one who's preoccupied with their appearance.

And here's why...

The person with the Facial Disfigurement:
It makes you think how awful it must be to get stares and nasty comments every day of your life. Knowing your going to look that way until your gone and you can have as many operations as you like but it won't change much. These people have amazing personalities and are no different to you and i. It's really inspiring to see how they've accepted themselves and have built their confidence back up. It also makes you appreciate what you've got a million times more!

The person who's occupied with their appearance:
Well I'm someone who's apart of the beauty world, i write this blog, I'm a qualified Make Up Artist, i have an obsession for cosmetics and i also have a lot of insecurities about my image.
Yes, we all have our insecurities, some a lot more than others when it comes to image.
I don't like:
*That i suffer with bad skin, i have acne, scarring, blackheads, large pores and an unhealthy complexion.
*My big nose.
*Having small breasts.
*Not being happy with my figure.
I've had weight problems, i got bullied when i was young and in the past I've had myself in some really bad depressed states over my image.

And that's me being really honest with you there, a lot of you maybe wouldn't have guessed that i felt that way, but from time to time i do get down about my image.
But overtime i'm learning how to love and accept myself.
Basically i'm saying your not alone if your insecure about your image, you probably have a lot of people in your life that you think look perfect, but they probably have more insecurities than you do!

My point is, i'm not going to stop using cosmetics or anything like that and i'm not saying you should either. Things like cosmetics help us build our confidence and when were feeling confident we feel great in ourselves and one day, maybe soon we'll be more confident to not have to resort to as many products/things we do/use to make us feel that way. And on a day when you do feel really low about yourself or you look in the mirror and just think "Eugh" remind yourself that their people out there in the world who have facial disfigurements who have accepted themselves, have confidence and are beautiful people! When you remind yourself this, appreciate what you've got and tell yourself your beautiful! Because you are and we all are.
Real beauty truly does come from the inside. :)

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."

I hope it inspires you too.
Much love


The Brunette said...

Its funny because I was going to post about this.

I know exactly how you feel I was bullied at school and hate certain aspects of myself although people say I am really pretty I never ever belive them! I think people do judge that if you see an attractive person you immediately think they know they are attractive but thats not always the case!

I think this programme is good. Did you see the girl last week she was very pretty but wanted to lose weight. To be honest she really did not need the fake lashes etc as we was naturally pretty but we cannot see it ourselves!

I think if I was with those people that were disfigured and people were laughing and staring at them I would get really angry! Its so rude.

xSantyx said...

I would still like to see your blog post about it!

It's nice to read a shared view on it all. :) xx