Thursday, 14 October 2010

10 things i like at the moment


I've bought a lot from here lately! (Too much to mention)

I got this cardigan and the leggings (I'm also loving animal print too!)

Gold Nails

Bit different, i likey!
I've been using Barry M's Nail Polish in shade Gold- £2.95! Bargain. :)


They've been on trend this year, i've always had a soft spot for Feathered accessories!

Here is my collection...

Casualty Make up

Fun times! :)

L'oreal True Match Foundation

My most used foundation at the moment is this, great coverage!
Can give either a nice dewy look or matte finish(use powder to achieve this)
It has a lovely texture, quite a thin consistency so easy to work with and blend.
I use shade W3 Golden Beige and it only costs around £10?
They have an excellent range of shades and it comes in a nice pump bottle also.

Strawberry Beer

Tastes near enough the same as Brother's Strawberry Cider (which i love, especially on a nice summers day)
Except it's beer!

It's known as Fruli, a few friends recommended that i try it and i finally did the other week.


Perfect for Autumn/Winter snuggleyness!

I got myself a pair of these adorable fur boots from New Look which i still haven't worn properly yet! Shock horror! But now that it's getting a lot colder parting these from my feet will be very hard!
Still unsure of what i'm going to be wearing them with though.

Also, should i buy a fur coat? I'm undecided.


Well this is an era i always love and always will.

The make up

The hair dos

The clothing inspiration

The music. <3

These shoes

Been after shoes like this for a long time, finally got these off Ebay for £13!!! :)


Ohhh i LOVE cake!

Here are my very own homemade (made from scratch) cupcakes, which i made for my boyfriend's birthday!

What 10 things are you liking at the moment?
Hope you've liked this post!


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Oooh I love the 60's too - and Fruli sounds lovely, I'll have to give it a go :-)

There's loads of things I'm loving at the min too, yay!