Thursday, 10 June 2010

Primark Haul!

I remember a time when i used to HATE Primark! I used to be so ashamed to go in there (few years back) now the past 2/3 years i find it very hard NOT to go in there!

I'm a regular shopper in Primark, i know alot of people who either love it or hate it. It's cheap! it's great for shopaholics like myself and also bad for the purse ha! Okay it does have it's downfalls such as some items can be of a poor quality and then there's the fact that alot of other people who will be wearing/buying the same thing as you have, BUT for the money i have no problem with that, i'm the type of girl who just buys new outfits all the time and only wear them a few times, i'm really bad at not buying key items that i know i'll wear and wear and wear! Naughty Santy! This is something i should really try and do. (one day!)

Anyway! i popped in the other day and this is what i bought...

*Blue Polka Dot Underwear Set £4!
*Light Blue Denim Hotpants, which came with a floral tie belt. £7!
*Baby Blue Retro Polka Dot Dress. £5!
*Black pair of lace pumps. £2!
*Grey pair of lace pumps. £2!
*White pair of lace pumps. £2!

*A pair of over the knee grey socks, with cable heart design & leapord print bows on the side. £1.50!
*Red heart, gold ring with stone edge. £2!
*Floral bow headband. £1! (Loving hair accessories lately!)
*Feather headband. £2!
*6 pack of plain black socks. £2 (for my friend as i always rob his! haha)

Total price.....


Have you bought anything from Primark lately?
Tell me what you've got!


The Beauty Bite said...

That polka dot dress is so, so cute!