Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sandals! & a few extra bits.

I've been shopping!

Wanna see what i bought?

First of all, these sandals!
I fell in love with these the moment i set my eyes on them!

They are Silver Faux Snake Gladiator Sandals

Look how beautiful they are..

I bought these from Red Herring at Debenhams.
They were ment to be £32, but i had a £5 off voucher so i got them for £27.
I was hoping to wear them this weekend, but with the rainy weather, i'm going to have to wait. :(

I also bought these Gold Glittery Gladiator Sandals

and i bought them in brown too..

I also have them in white, which i bought last year.
I got these from Primark and they are a bargain!
Costing £4 for a pair! You can't go wrong! :)

I then took myself to La Senza, i love it in there!
Everything is so colourful and pretty!

I got myself some knickers/thongs- they currently have an offer on at the moment buy 5 knickers for £12, i might go back and get some more, i was spoilt for choice!

And i got myself some double sided sticky tape, for a floaty maxi dress i have bought, don't want anything falling out now do we girls!

Now onto make-up!
I finally decided to purchase some Girls Aloud False Lashes as i'm yet to try them! (Shame on me) I bought the Kimberley ones which look like this...

i shall be testing them out at some point this weekend. They cost me £5 from New Look.

I've been dying to get a brown eyeshadow palette, as i am a big fan of the brown smokey eye look, i was torn between a few choices, so i ended up buying the..
NYC Metro Quartet Eyeshadow in shade Union Square, which looks like this..

I like how it's labelled which can be useful as a guide to people who aren't sure how to use eyeshadow, it also comes with a double ended mini brush applicator.
I bought this from Superdrug and it cost me £3.99.

What have you bought lately?
Do you think i should do more blogposts like this?



LoubouLush said...

I have the brown Primrk sandals. Actually I have 2 of the browns. I bought a pair last year and loved them so snapped up another pair this year (and one in black). Amazing value for money and very comfortable. Also I have the Kimberley lashes - my fave from the Girls Aloud range - hope you like them!

I have tagged you and your blog for an award - see my blog for details :)

Anonymous said...

those shoes are very cool looking, but i think id have to shave my toes:D
and very nice knickers, at first i had no idea what the image was and thought only it was pretty then realized what they wear. and must look truely awesome when worn. and no im not buying a thong just yet :p
Im still trying to decide which skirt to buy, long, short, mini, straight or pleated. So many choices :(
Then there is the issue of shaving. If I got a mini or kilt, would i have to shave my legs?

xSantyx said...

They are amazing for the price aren't they!

I did love the Kimberley lashes, but find you can't really notice them on photos?!

Thankyou so much for the blog award! x

xSantyx said...

John- Shaving, Waxing and Hair Removal creams are your options. :)